This comprehensive two-day hands on training course is targeted at developers who want to learn more about configuring, customizing, and extending CiviCRM to meet their organization / client needs. You don’t need to be a ‘developer’ to attend but you should have basic PHP and MySQL skills, and be familiar with (or at least ready to dive into) the CiviCRM code base.

The Developer Training is taking place at the Nivon House De Bosbeek and is running alongside the CiviCRM sprint at the same venue.

Accomodation and food will be provided in the cost and you will spend 2 days at the sprint venue. The sprint sees up to around 25 CiviCRM developers and implementors gather together to work on CiviCRM and share expertise. Following a successful format in Manchester, we are having the developer training at the sprint location as we would like to both introduce the developer training attendees to the CiviCRM community and we will ask experts attending the Sprint to run a number of additional masterclasses which you can attend.

If you would like to attend the whole sprint please let us know. This can be arranged at no extra cost.

The developer training is going to take place at the spint.


We try to be flexible with the agenda to meet participant needs and expectations, and the final agenda may change. 

At its core is a set of sessions that cover everything you need to get your development environment up and running, and to start writing extensions and improving core. As well as this, we’re running a set of master classes on the latest techniques and technologies by subject matter experts.

Topic areas include:

  • How CiviCRM works – code layout and architecture
  • Extending CiviCRM – hooks, APIs, custom PHP files and templates.
  • Native Extension – civix and more. 
  • Advanced features – message templates, batch update via profile, checksum authentication, command-line scripts.
  • Internationalization – including translation tools and multilingual sites
  • Integration with Drupal, Joomla and WordPress – including user/contact synchronization, Profiles, Organic Groups, Views2, Joomla extensions
  • Debugging – tips and tricks

If there is something specific that you would like to see covered, please let us know.


Participants should bring a laptop with wifi capabilities to this training so they can take part in training exercises. You should have a local copy of the latest stable release of CiviCRM installed and running on your laptop, as well as a text editor that you can use to view and edit PHP and HTML code

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