From Tuesday 14th May till Friday 17th May 2019 there is a sprint in Bennekom. The sprint includes food and accommodation.

You can join the sprint for as long as you wish.

During a sprint you can work on something of your own chose but if you don’t know what you want to work on below a couple of topics which might happen at a sprint.

  • CiviCRM Developer Training
  • Integrating a remote CiviCRM in a WordPress site
  • Writing documentation
  • Testing
  • Fixing bugs


Nivon House De Bosbeek

Bosbeekweg 19-21, 6721 MH Bennekom

Transportation from station Ede-Wageningen is available upon request.

What to bring?

  • Your own bedlinnen
  • Your own towel(s)
  • Laptop (possible a 4G capable phone for internet access, wifi is moderate but 4G coverage is good)
  • A drink/snack from your locality to share with the other participants
  • Hiking Boots (for a nice walk in the forest)